Company Information

Who Are We?

We are an established, well-reputed company who have been serving the Film, Television and Media industries for many years.

We are an independent company catering for the whole of the UK and beyond.

Between us we have many decades of expertise in the industry with a range of skills, from Broadcast and Avid to I.T., technical and creative.


All your key contacts have a technical and/or creative background. More importantly, we have a hands-on appreciation of your needs.


How Can we Support You?

We work with many different types of film, programme and content makers, with widely differing needs.

Our job is to fit in with the way you work.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.


What do we do?

Systems Design Integration and Install


We can help organise your new or existing post-production operations from the smallest job to full project management:


+ Avid, IT and Broadcast design, installation and configuration.

+ Handling of other elements from networking to build and electrical management.

+ Help solve all sorts of technical and operational problems.

+ Equipment Sale including:

Avid Media Composer , Avid Mojo DX, Avid Nitris DX, AvidSymphony Nitris DX, AvidUnity ISIS

Broadcast (e.g. Sony, Panasonic, JVC etc)

Broadcast Infrastructure (e.g. Racks, patch, black burst, DA’s etc)

Audio (e.g. Protools, Sibelius, Mixers, Microphones etc)

IT and Network related goods

Educational (software and hardware options for educational multimedia)

+ Technical Support & Engineering; Troubleshooting and repair of the above areas. Conscientious, reliable, preventative and emergency support.

+ Training:

Avid - Operational and Technical, Broadcast related.

Training exclusively for you – group training is even available.

Courses custom-designed for your needs held at our premises or yours.

For any further information about sales, support or training you can contact us here or alternatively call our main office number on 0845 3631058